COVID-19  & Picking Information on the Farm 


The Covid-19 bit….

Customer & Staff Health & Safety  Keeping everyone healthy and safe on our farm will not require a lot of effort, but we will all need to be mindful and respectful of each other.

Food Safety  The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) states that there is currently no evidence that food or food packages can be a source or route of transmission of the COVID 19 virus.  However, we still recommend that you wash/rinse all fruit with water prior to eating, freezing or processing.

Pre-screening  Please complete a self-assessment prior to arriving at the farm.  Stay at home if you are expressing symptoms of COVID-19.  Guidelines on how to self-assess are provided from the following web link:


On the Farm

Parking   Pick-Your-Own operations have been very busy this year, and so after many years of an over crowded parking lot we will be marking out parking spots.  This means that there will be a limited number of spots.  Patrons will either need to park on Ron Jones Side road and walk up, or wait for an available spot when the parking lot is full.  Our busiest hours tend to be between 9am and 1pm.  Plan your visit accordingly.  

Social Distancing  Please maintain a minimum 2m physical distance from other Patrons and staff.  

Check in/out  Before entering the blueberry patch, please check in at the store under the canopy to weigh in (the containers not you!), to obtain instructions on where to pick and to buy baskets if needed. 

Baskets/Containers    You may bring your own baskets/containers or purchase a new a 3 Litre basket, quart or pint. We will not be lending out any baskets, containers or picking buckets(you are welcome to bring your own) this year.

Hand Cleaning  Soap and water are available near the check in.  We suggest washing your hands before entering and after leaving the berry patch.  We will not be supplying any personal protective equipment or hand sanitizer. 

Washroom  A lovely outhouse is available. 

Blueberry Picking  Pickers will be assigned to a row to pick: please stay in this area.  Children are expected to remain with their family while picking and on the property.    Please pick cleanly within your assigned area, so that other Patrons are less likely to be touching the same fruit, and hence no sampling (eating) the fruit while in the patch (sorry, not this year), the hand to mouth action brings greater risks.

Payment  We accept cash and cheque for payment.  No electronic payment is available.


The Blueberry Place

1337 Ron Jones Rd

RR1 Midland ON, L4R 4K3




During picking season mid July – late August.

Mon – Sat


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